Scheme Design & Quality

One of the key aims for Housebuilders and Developers is to maximise site values and ensure the right type of housing is delivered. The Local Planning Authorities will have a strong consideration of the need for a range of dwellings that meets the varied needs of the community.

The mix, tenure, size, distribution and position of both private dwellings and also affordable homes are a major consideration when designing and delivering schemes. Nash Consultancy can provide guidance and advice on the design, mix and layout, to minimise the impact of the affordable housing, especially following the recent Housing Technical Standards Review.

We provide the following scheme design & quality services:

  • Advice and guidance on the proposed new National Described Space Standards which come into affect on 1 October 2015 across all housing tenures
  • Liaise and negotiate with the Local Planning Authority on all aspects of affordable housing provision
  • Review and analysis of individual layout, phasing, size and positioning of affordable housing
  • Review and amend specifications and provide technical advice on design and quality
Scheme Design & Quality