Scheme Viability

Financial viability has become an increasingly important material consideration in the planning system. While the fundamental purpose of good planning extends well beyond financial viability, the capacity to deliver essential development and associated infrastructure is inextricably linked to the delivery of land and viable development.

The level of CIL, infrastructure costs, financial contributions and affordable housing on a given housing scheme will be subject to a viability assessment on an individual site basis.  Nash Consultancy can provide our clients with a full site-specific financial viability appraisal to enable an objective evaluation of the cost requirements likely to be applied to development and this assists in their negotiations with the Local Planning Authority.  This robust project viability evidence can also be used in reducing the level of affordable housing on current S106 Agreements.

Our viability services include:

  • Financial Viability Appraisals/Assessments
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Affordability Analysis
  • Financial Modeling for Private Sector and Institutional Investment
  • Advice on Institutional Investment Financial Models
  • Advice on Local Housing Allowance and Rental Streams
Scheme Viability